Stop Collar

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stop collar

Slip On Stop Collar

  • Made from Steel Pipe
  • Smoothly Passing the Casing by Beveled Edge
  • Screws Tightening the Casing
  • Powder coating or Paint Baking Coating are available
  • Sizes from 4-1/2 to 20 inch


  • Slip on stop collar(also called heavy duty stop collar) is made from seamless steel pipe.
  • A row of screws can make stop collar tighten on the casing,our screws are hexagon and then we will give you tool to install the hexagon.
  • The slip on stop collar can pass the casing by beveled edge.
  • Our powder coating or paint baking coating is to make the body Anti-rust.
  • Our stop collar sizes are from 4-1/2 inch to 20inch,OEM accepted.
  • Steel or Aluminum Alloy slip on stop collars are available.
Hinged Stop Collar

Hinged Stop Collar

  • Easy Installation
  • Strong Holding Force
  • Bolt,nail or screw Lock
  • Hinged at one end


  • There are 3 types of connecting method:Bolt,Spiral nail and Screws
  • These two half stop collars are made by plate punchining process.
  • It can be quickly installed and have strong holding force.
  • The stop collar combines by two parts and are hinged .
  • Surface is powder coated or painting baking to avoid rust.
  • The hinged stop collar sizes are from 4-1/2inch to 20inch,OEM accepted.